Experiential Learning with Horses
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Experiential Learning with Horses

Experiential Learning with Horses

Enhancing Your Facilitation Skills to Deliver Client Results

MISSION:  Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) is an international professional membership organization offering training, certification, business development and resources for the implementation of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs by educators, coaches, professional development trainers and other facilitators.  We provide the necessary resources for the promotion and implementation of quality, successful, professional equine experiential education programs and businesses.


E3A provides a professional organization for individuals who want to facilitate experiential learning experiences with horses outside of the special needs, therapeutic and/or mental health models.  E3A also provides business development for equine-based businesses focusing on how to start or improve your equine-based business.


E3A provides excellence and a more structured training approach to the corporate, educational, coaching and business development fields through learning experiences based on the horse/human connection.


As an international membership association, E3A is committed to equine experiential education (E3) (also known as equine assisted learning or EAL) and to enhancing the performance of educators, coaches, equine-based entrepreneurs and professional development trainers who partner with horses as co-facilitators.


E3A provides comprehensive programs for certification, enrichment and business development along with other training and resources for facilitators of E3 programs and owners of equine-based businesses.  Special activities and networking opportunities are offered through both distance and in person events.


E3A works with our members to develop and promote the E3 industry as a powerful, successful and professional method of learning and development with horses; specifically for corporations, educators, youth, and coaching audiences worldwide.



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E3A's September 2014 Newsletter


The Difference Between EAL and EAP

One of the most asked questions is how is E3A different than other organizations.  The heart of the difference is the manner of facilitating learning experiences rather than therapeutic ones.  Please check out this document to examine the similarities and differences between facilitating experiences for Corporate Training, Education, Coaching (all three are part of E3A's model) and Counseling:  E3 Development and Change Methods.pdf


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