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What's Next After E3A Level 1 Certification?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015 9:22 PM | Ginny Telego (Administrator)

C4: Specialty Certification in Equine Experiential Education (Corporate, Education, or Personal Development Specialty) by Linda Pucci, Ph.D.

Sometimes people wonder "what's next?" when they finish their certification as a Level 1 E3A Certified Practitioner.  Maybe they are just starting their business, or maybe they've been doing some type of equine assisted work for awhile. Jumping in and beginning to do workshops, especially with corporate groups, can be daunting.  It can be really challenging to plan those first workshops.  

But what if you could have two E3A Master Trainers coach you through the process?  What if you had all of the E3A templates to use, so that you didn't have to start from scratch?  What if you had other E3A Certified Practitioners to do it with you?  These are just some of the benefits of taking the C4: Specialty Certification in Equine Experiential Education (Corporate, Education or Personal Development Specialties).  

When you sign up to take C4, you are pursuing our competency-based certification.  Your Level I certification is a knowledge-based certification, indicating that you've mastered the knowledge necessary to doing Equine Assisted work.  The Level II E3A Advanced Certification with a Specialty indicates that you've demonstrated your competence in a specialty area. It is a credential you can wear with pride, because it isn't necessarily an easy one to earn.  

Here's how it works:

  • Notify E3A at to let us know you are interested in getting your specialty certification and in what specialty.  You must pick Corporate, Education or Personal Development. (If you need help doing that, contact us and we'll help you figure out which is likely to be most useful to you).
  • If you know others (perhaps from your C2 and C3 training) that are interested in that specialty, contact them.  We may also know students who are interested in the same specialty.  You must have a minimum of 4 people.  
  • Once you have your team, you'll need to sign up for C4 to get all the materials and to have Master Trainers assigned.  
  • Your team will need to find a client.  You can deliver the workshop for free or charge for it.  We leave that up to you.  You also find the facility and horses.  
  • The Master Trainers assigned begin to work with you via three conference calls to prepare for the workshop.  We'll help you create the proposal (remember, there are templates to make that easier), you'll research the group you're going to work with, and you'll figure out what pre-workshop assessment to use and how to determine what issues you'll address in the workshop.  Your team will work together to get all the preparation done, and we'll be there to coach you through the process.
  • The Master Trainers will show up at the location you've picked for the workshop, and we'll review your agenda, your handout materials, and the horse activities you have planned.  
  • The day of your workshop, we'll be lurking on the sidelines, evaluating your performance.  
  • Following the workshop, your team will put together the Workshop Summary Report.
  • Each team member will also create an original horse activity that you are willing to share with E3A.
  • While you are doing those post-workshop activities, the E3A Master Trainers will be compiling information from the 47 criteria upon which you are each rated.  
  • We meet with you to give you feedback on what we see as your strengths and weaknesses. Then, we celebrate your earning your Level II E3A Advanced Certification with a Specialty-- often with cake!

Level II E3A Advanced Certified Practitioners tell us that while the process challenges you, it also prepares you for just about anything that can come along in your future workshops.  It is an great opportunity to be "coached to competence" in the E3A model and in your equine assisted work.  

If you have any questions about your readiness for C4, you can contact Linda Pucci at 865-983-7544 or at

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