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The Role of Mindset

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 1:11 PM | Anonymous

 When we talk about success or failure, one of the most important elements determining which outcome you'll get is your MINDSET.  You may have heard the term "mindset" before and wondered what it meant.   Essentially, mindset refers to how you think about things.  It refers to the assumptions and beliefs that guide you. 

 I find it useful to think about mindset in terms of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, assumptions, and values that empower you or limit you.  Mindsets--whether positive or negative, empowering or limiting, create feelings, which creates behaviors and actions, which, in turn, create results.  The results are your success or failure--your outcome.

Many people don't realize how important their mindset is.  In my experience, your mindset absolutely determines your results--your success or failure. 

While people often realize the need to change their mindset, they don't realize that it isn't as easy as deciding to change and saying positive affirmations.  You can chant "there are no weeds in my garden, there are no weeds in my garden" nonstop for the next month, and your garden will still be overtaken by weeds.  You see, most often, your mindset limitations operate unconsciously. 

You may have formed them at a time in your life when they were true, but our situations do change.  However, what happens to the limiting belief or mindset limitation is that once it is established, it becomes unconscious.  That means it is automatically running without your even being aware of it.  For example, many people have the limiting belief that "I'm not good enough."  Maybe at one point in your life that was true.  You may not have had the skills, experience or confidence.  If I asked you today if you believe you aren't good enough, you might even answer, "Well, I think I'm about as good as anybody else."  That's your conscious mind reasoning that you are probably as good as others.  But deep down, where it counts, you may unconsciously still believe "I'm not good enough."  That's the program that's running and is in charge of everything you do.  Think of it as being like a bad computer virus, chugging away beneath the surface, messing up your system, and you aren't even aware of it.

When you have unconscious limiting beliefs, you have to pull them out by the roots.  You first have to identify them, then have an experience that will challenge it and change it. 

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