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E3A Education Certification Introduction

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 3:00 PM | Anonymous

By Larry Bramblett, Founding Member of E3A

I am Larry Bramblett, one of the founding members of E3A. I bring a lifelong love of horses and a thirty year career in education. I have been a teacher, principal and superintendent. During those years horses were my recreation, refuge and teacher. I have helped develop the curriculum and training specifically designed for teachers with a focus on providing inspired results for the participants. As teachers, we hope you will help us through your comments to build an even better program.

I’ve always been suspicious of certification courses leading….nowhere. It seems that many of the current certifications in the equine experiential field consist of level after level of course work providing beautifully scripted diplomas suitable for framing and placed neatly below the picture of your favorite horse. I’ve always been more interested in how I could put a certification to work, that is, if I found the content compelling for myself, how could I share my learning with my students and peers?

E3A is an organization that provides training to the corporate, educational, coaching and personal development fields using the horse as teacher. The education certification track specifically targets educators and special education teachers who are interested in providing workshops for their peers, and those seeking innovative curricular content that motivates students and alternative methods to successful classroom management. Certified E3A candidates are provided with an organizational plan and practicum that will enable them to promote this training in their classrooms, schools and districts as an addition to current staff development and continuing education programs.

The E3A Educational Certification is rigorous and rewarding. Horse experience is welcomed but not required. Non- ‘horse people’, will help you to connect with local equine operations fully equipped to help you succeed.
The goal of E3A, through the mirror of horses, is to inspire you, not just for a day or a week or a year. E3A can help you become an inspirational leader both in your classroom and in the field of equine experiential education.
We welcome your advice, comments and suggestions. Check our "Upcoming Schedule" to sign up for our next teleclass about the E3A Education Certification Program or contact us for more information. 

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