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Choosing Your Business Purpose

Tuesday, September 06, 2011 2:00 PM | Anonymous
By PJ & Dave Stegen, Horseshoe U

The vision, mission and values statements that you create for your business are the inspiration and the map that set the strategic direction for your organization and lay the foundational measurements for a strategic plan.  The vision statement contains your highest aspirations for attainment, your motivation for being in business, your core business philosophy and the organization’s ultimate vision for the future.  It expresses the core essence of the organization, your long range vision for what the organization is when its ultimate potential is realized.  For example, Flip Flop Ranch’s vision statement is “(we are) an educational ranch dedicated to building relationships”.


While the vision statement is the ultimate "who" of your organization, the mission statement is the "what" of the organization.  Your mission statement identifies your target audience, how you will serve them, and the business purpose and primary goals you seek to achieve on the way to accomplishing your ultimate vision.  Flying High Farm’s stated mission is: “(we) incorporate the therapeutic power of ponies towards optimizing the behavioral, emotional and social growth of our youth”. 


Your value statements express your organizational culture and “how” you do business.  They are the essential qualities of who you and your organization are being and how they are performing activities.  Sound value statements set the tone for finding clients and doing business and enhance your ability to fulfill your vision and mission within an identified code of ethics.  Aspen Ranch has established the following values for its operation: “In all decisions and actions – including our interactions with students, family members, co-workers and professional colleagues – we are guided by our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Relationships, and Integrity”.


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