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Starting an Equine Based Business? Know Your Intentions!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011 4:00 PM | Anonymous

By PJ & Dave Stegen, Horseshoe U

Imagine that your company has grown so successfully that operations are departmentalized.  It might look like this: Finance & Administration, R&D, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, etc.  Now even if you are a OMB (one man band) or OWB (one woman band) as the case may be and you are doing all of the work, most of the business functions still need to be done…it is only a matter of scale.  With that in mind you can set intentions for everything you do and let your intentions guide you where you want to go. 


Vision and mission statements can drive a company's strategic direction but are often just postings on the wall that fly above day to day operations.   Vision and mission are enlivened by assigning your intention for every functional work area of your business that is complementary to the overall company vision and mission.  For example, what is your marketing and sales intention?  Is it to corner a new market or capture 10% of an existing one?  Do you intend annual sales of ten thousand or one million dollars?  In the area of product development is it your intention to provide the highest quality product on the market or one with the least cost to customers?  Setting your intentions for every segment of your business creates a compass and a measuring stick to set the direction for and inspire the activity of each strategic work area.  By fulfilling specific intentions throughout your business operations you guarantee realization of your company’s vision and mission. 


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