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Level II E3A Certified Advanced Practitioner

C4: Specialty Certification in Equine Experiential Education

Prerequisite: Level 1 E3A Certified Practitioner Certification
Length/Format: 1day live training delivered with client group
Description: This is a competency based certification that is open to those practitioners who have successfully completed the Level 1 E3A Certified Practitioner Certification. Those seeking the Level 2 Advanced Practitioner will work with other E3A Level 1 Practitioners to develop a one day live training with one client group. Practitioners will have the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas: Corporate, Education or Personal Development. 

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion, Advanced Certification Practitioners will demonstrate competency in all aspects of conducting a successful EAL workshop including: 

  • Capacity to perform all logistics for conducting a successful EAL one day workshop 
  • Skill in selecting client goal appropriate horse exercises 
  • Ability to select horses for each ground exercise 
  • Marketing your workshop 
  • Appropriate needs assessments 
  • Program design 
  • Effective facilitation techniques 
  • Creating client action plans 
  • How to write a Workshop Summary Report and program follow up of an EAL workshop 

The C4 course requirements are: 

  • Completing a minimum of three E3A coaching teleconferences with E3A Master Trainers (6+ hours of coaching) 
  • Securing a host facility to conduct the workshop 
  • Complete a half day workshop preview for Master Trainers at host facility 
  • Co-facilitate a one day workshop 
  • Complete a Workshop Summary Report to send to client for followup session 
  • Receive feedback and coaching on your workshop 
  • Designing and submitting an original horse activity and debriefing questions for sharing with E3A 
  • Passing an evaluation based on 47 criteria observed while facilitating your workshop 

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IMPORTANT: In order to keep your status as an E3A Certified Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner, you must remain an E3A member. If you have allowed your membership to lapse, please call the office right away to renew your membership so that you can continue to receive the benefits of membership, including maintaining your certification status. 
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