E3A – Equine Experiential Education

Membership Committee

Carrie Brady, JD, MA E3A Vice President Possibilities Farm

Membership Committee Chair

Carrie Brady, JD, MA
E3A Vice President
Possibilities Farm, LLC

The E3A Membership Committee is charged with creating a generative, resilient, and thriving herd of horses and humans. The Committee:

  • Extends a warm welcome to new members, familiarizing them with the benefits that E3A offers.
  • Supports the diverse needs of E3A herd members, guiding them to resources to grow and succeed in EAL.
  • Listens to members, their ideas and innovations, and partnering with them to discover and/or create new and beneficial resources.
  • Recognizes and celebrates the talents and strengths of members, providing them with opportunities to share their unique gifts.
  • Facilitates connections between members to highlight and share their knowledge, experiences, and successes. Makes it possible for the collective herd to discover new ways to address common challenges while promoting shared learning.