E3A – Equine Experiential Education

Our Promise, Mission and Values

Discover the foundation of all we do.


E3A partners with horses to support you in creating extraordinary transformational experiences for your clients.


E3A Values and Promotes:

  • the utilization of an introspective, experiential approach to growth and learning in collaboration with horses
  • an environment of safety and respect for all participants, both people and horses
  • a culture of collaboration through sharing of information, experience and ideas
  • standards of excellence for the delivery of equine experiential education (E3) which meet the criteria of top corporations and educational institutions
  • the maintenance of the highest ethical standards and professionalism in the EAL field

E3A Provides:

  • the training benchmark for the field of Equine Assisted Learning
  • services based on principles of professionalism, nondiscrimination, acceptance, cooperation and integrity


E3A is an international professional membership organization offering training, certification and resources for the implementation of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs by educators, coaches, Professional Development trainers and other facilitators. We provide the necessary resources for the promotion and implementation of quality, successful, professional equine experiential education programs.

The Foundation of Effective Facilitation with Horses:

Caring for Our Equine Partners

When we ask horses to partner with us in equine-assisted learning, we take on the responsibility of ensuring that our equine partners can thrive at work and at rest. E3A supports members in learning to recognize the individual needs and strengths of each horse, as well as the relationships among the herd, to be mindful of those needs, strengths, and relationships in every aspect of care, and to create experiences that are beneficial for humans and horses.