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Capstone Arena Class – September 4-8, 2024 – Reno, Nevada

Training Dates: September 4-8, 2024

Location: Equinemity, Reno, NV

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Cost: This class is included in the foundations of facilitation course price

Host: Kathy Milbeck and Jennifer Kaplan

Please email staff@e3assoc.org to register 


IN-PERSON Arena Experience:

This 5 day arena class is the final part of the E3A Level 1 Certification process and puts the theory and techniques learned in the Foundations of Facilitation into practice.

With Master Trainers alongside as coaches, you’ll gain the experience in a supportive environment, with participation that prepares you for conducting your own facilitation.

This Capstone Level 1 Certification course provides the arena experience to:

  • • Deliver EAL activities in a conscious and responsible manner with horses as partners
  • • Practice basic facilitation and coaching techniques while guiding the participants
  • • Enhance observation techniques and understanding of herd dynamics
  • • Apply the Open to Outcomes theory in your practice with participants
  • • Deliver debriefs during facilitation using the E3A Five Question framework
  • • Practice scribing and gain more in-depth knowledge of the horse/human connection
  • • Utilize the CHANGE model and how beliefs, perceptions and values create lasting life results / personal outcomes


Key learnings:

  • • Amplify your senses, awareness and intuition in your practice
  • • Creating Experiences and Confidence through Facilitation
  • • Activating Clients Sense of Self and Social Awareness
  • • Interdependent Relationships between Horses and Facilitators


Participants must have successfully completed the Introduction to the E3A Method and the Foundations of Facilitation Online Courses well as the associated self-tests to be eligible to attend the Capstone Arena class.

The Capstone Arena Class is limited to 12 participants.

Please Note: Registration price is included in your Foundations of Equine Experiential Education Facilitation Registration. We reserve the right to not accept your registration, in which case we will notify you and give you a full refund.



Sep 04 - 08 2024


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