CliftonStrengths: Arena Class: April 2022

CliftonStrengths in the EAL Arena Experience Important Details:

Prerequisites: CliftonStrengths Intro Webinar, purchase the recording.
Format: 2-day arena experience
Ready to experience how our equine partners utilize the CliftonStrengths in the horse human connection?
Are you seeking to experience how the CliftonStrengths Assessment can create deeper learning for your clients in their interaction with the horses?

The CliftonStengths in the EAL Arena Enrichment experience is an amazing opportunity to experience the CliftonStrengths method in an EAL context. It is a 2-day arena Equine Assisted Learning experience on how to use the CliftonStrengths to enhance your client results in your EAL business.
Come and explore why horses, as co-facilitators of learning, provide value and benefit to your clients in exploring their strengths.

CliftonStrentgths in The EAL Arena Take Aways include:

  • Gain an experiential understanding of how to incorporate CliftonStrengths into programs with horses.
  • Understand the unique power that horses bring to a strengths-based EAL event and learn how to fully realize the horses’ potential to help clients use their strengths to develop the horse-human partnership.
  • Understand how a strengths-based approach can power the productivity of a team, improve leadership skills and empower your clients to uncover the results they desire.

Special Notes:
It is highly recommended that non-E3A practitioners at least complete E3A’s Introduction to Equine Experiential Education Facilitation WEBINAR prior to attending this 2-day arena class.

The CliftonStrengths in the EAL arena is an enrichment class and is not part of the E3A certification program. It will not be presented in the same format as the E3A certification training. It will be facilitated by E3A’s Master Trainers. Participants will participate in activities and debriefing sessions, with very limited opportunities to facilitate activities with the horses.
For facilitation skills development, it is recommended that participants attend our Level 1 Certification. Click here for information on the Level 1 Certification.


Apr 08 - 09 2022


8:30 am - 4:30 pm