CliftonStrengths: Intro Webinar

Incorporating CliftonStrengths® With Your Equine Assisted Learning Practice.

Are you interested in improving the quality of your equine-based activities by focusing on participants’ strengths and how to leverage strengths to address their challenges?

Join this 90-minute interactive webinar introducing how to use this global assessment tool and your horses to build your EAL practice.


This webinar is designed to build your confidence in incorporating the CliftonStrengths® Assessment Tool® from Gallup into your EAL workshops. CliftonStrengths is an online global assessment instrument created by researchers at Gallup that identifies an individual’s unique skills, talents and knowledge, allowing them to then leverage their strengths and talents to become more productive and engaged.

This class uses the book, StrengthFinders 2.0 by Roth or Strengths-Based Leadership by Roth and Conchie (2008). Each book comes with a code that allows you to go online and take the CliftonStrengths® inventory.

A report that explains your top 5 strengths is issued and explained in the 1.5 hour webinar. (You must purchase a NEW copy of the book to receive the assessment code.)

Special Note:

Introduction to CliftonStrengths® Webinar does not require any E3A prerequisite classes to attend.

Introduction to CliftonStrengths® Webinar Important details:
Investment: $100.00

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Aug 17 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm