Inner World of the Facilitator

Event Details:

Investment: $900.00
Location: One Paint & Three Quarters Farm, Rogersville MO
Date: February 3-4, 2022
Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Format: 2 day arena event

Are you ready to take your EAL work with the horses from ordinary to extraordinary?

It all starts with your relationship with YOU.

In this powerful, hands-on, two-day arena experience, E3A master trainers Jennifer Kaplan, Kathy Milbeck and their horse partners will show you how to deepen your connection to self, so you can develop the high-level relationship skill of interdependence.

What is interdependence? And why does it matter?

Interdependence is high-level relationship skill defined by a healthy blend of independence and dependence. It is also an essential skill in an exceptional EAL facilitator’s toolbox.

After many years as a Master Trainer of emerging equine assisted facilitators, Jennifer Kaplan says there is one special quality that defines an exceptional EAL facilitator – and that is their willingness to create a meaningful connection to self.

Connection to self helps us develop the trust we need to create healthy connection with others – including our horse partners. This is how we build our interdependence skill.

In addition to developing the skill of interdependence, through this class you will:

-Receive the horses’ gifts of clarity and focus to create successful forward momentum for your clients and clarify any resistance you may have to meeting their desired outcomes.

-Hone your ability to set a strong intention for your relationship with your horse partners.

-Locate and eliminate tension and resistance standing between you, the horses and the work.

-Develop trust in your horse partners’ abilities to “see the unseen.”

-Facilitate BIG results for your clients – gaining enthusiastic advocates for your EAL business.

-Experience real connection, a healthy balance of giving and receiving, and increased trust in your core relationships with all beings – both two-legged and four-legged.

-Live more comfortably in your own skin.

We cannot give to others what we have not already given to ourselves. Join us this February, and step into your transformational power as an exceptional EAL facilitator.


– Certified E3A equine-assisted learning practitioner

-Or attended E3A Intro Webinar, E3A Foundation Experience AND another recognized EAL certification (PATH, EAGALA, EGEA, EPONA, EAHAE)

Disclaimer: The Inner World of the Facilitator is an enrichment arena experience and is not part of the E3A certification program. It will not be presented in the same format as the E3A certification training. It will be facilitated by E3A’s Master Trainers. Participants will participate in activities and debriefing sessions, with very limited opportunities to facilitate activities with the horses.

For facilitation skills development, it is recommended that participants attend our Level 1 Certification. Click here for information on the Level 1 Certification.


Feb 03 - 04 2022


8:30 am - 4:30 pm




One Paint & Three Quarters Farm
Rogersville MO

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