Inner World of the Facilitator Arena Experience

Event Details:

Cost: $450.00 *
*Special Bundle Price if attending prior to PDW arena: $ 300.00

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Location: Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy, Anna TX
Date: November 3, 2021
Time: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Format: One day arena event

READY to meet your Equine Partner at the Arena gate?

Ever wondered how you can support your Horse in EAL work? This E3A Arena Enrichment Experience explores how and why EAL facilitators & their equine partners benefit from an Interdependent partnership.

Learning Opportunities:

• Discover how Interdependence supports healthy herd dynamics.
• Leverage the powerful Interdependent relationship building skill to prepare EAL Facilitators to meet their horses at the “gate” of their arenas.
• Up-level your EAL programs’ value and deliverables by embodying personalized Interdependent leadership strengths in the arena.

Take-A-ways for Inner World of the Facilitator include:

• Hands on Arena experience partnering with horses using Interdependence concepts.
• Utilize an Interdependence mindset and discover how to integrate it into horse human partnerships to create some powerful Facilitation results.
• Understand how an Interdependence approach enhances the productivity of the entire Facilitation team, improves leadership skills and empowers clients to uncover the results they desire.

Disclaimer: The Inner World of the Facilitator is an enrichment arena experience and is not part of the E3A certification program. It will not be presented in the same format as the E3A certification training. It will be facilitated by E3A’s Master Trainers. Participants will participate in activities and debriefing sessions, with very limited opportunities to facilitate activities with the horses.

For facilitation skills development, it is recommended that participants attend our Level 1 Certification. Click here for information on the Level 1 Certification.


• E3A Certified Level 1 Practitioner
• Or attended E3A Intro Webinar, E3A Foundation Experience AND another recognized EAL certification (PATH, EAGALA, EGEA, EPONA, EAHAE)

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Nov 03 2021


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