May Fireside Chat

The horses are calling you to connect them with humans who need them in so many ways. You have a talent, a skill, or tool that helps humans grow and learn. Adding Equine Assisted Learning with your talent, skill, or tool will bring breakthrough results to your clients so that they may flourish in business and in life!

Join this month’s Fireside Chat to learn more about E3A, and get acquainted with our collaborative community. We are a like-minded herd that values the power of horses to provide transformation in the personal and professional development world.

So, what happens at our Fireside Chats? Glad you asked. Have you ever sat around a campfire with friends and just relaxed, tossed ideas around or just chatted? That’s what we do!

And we would love you to cozy up to the virtual fire and join us. If you’re looking at what beginning your own Equine Assisted Learning venture could hold in store for you and your horses, this is a great place to start.

Our monthly chats are hosted by one of our Master Trainers, who volunteer their time so that you can get acquainted, learn more about E3A and get answers to your questions.

This is your opportunity to get to know our community and explore the possibility of joining the herd! So, click the link below to reserve your spot and put on the hot chocolate. We look forward to seeing you!

This Month’s Chat Is Hosted By:

Lissa Pohl

Lissa Pohl, Chief Engagement Officer at EnQ Coaching, is a global expert in somatic intelligence and engagement. Her work embraces several innovative learning modalities including Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), Lights On Leadership™ Coaching, and The Leadership Circle 360 Profile to provide leaders the heightened perceptual awareness and feedback they need to fully engage, inspire and lead their organizations.

Lissa holds a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership Development and became an E3A Level 2 Advanced Corporate Practitioner in 2012 and a Master Trainer in 2015. She served on the E3A Board of Trustees for six years, four of those as vice president, and currently serves on the strategic planning committee, the conference committee, and the Master Trainer Committee.

In 2012, while working at the University of Kentucky, she conducted pioneering research into the effectiveness of Equine Guided Leadership Education to increase Emotional Intelligence in healthcare professionals and has presented on these subjects at leadership conferences worldwide.

Coaching people how to ‘embody’ leadership competencies and increase their Engagement Quotient (EnQ) is Lissa’s area of expertise. Often, in the world of leadership development our perceptual Sense- abilities are left out of the equation, taken for granted. Yet it is precisely these competencies that provide us the ability to transform our organizations and our lives. Facilitating learning experiences, both with and without horse partners, allows her clients to better understand and leverage their somatic intelligence (SQ) to become more effective leaders. “I challenge my clients to utilize perceptual skills that have long been dormant. When we spend time rediscovering how to learn holistically and perceive our world through a wider lens, much like a horse does, we can then leverage all of our intelligence in service to others.”

Lissa has over 50 years of experience with horses. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado riding ponies and horses with 4-H and showed in hunting, jumping and dressage. She has been a volunteer at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center outside of Seattle and at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope in Lexington, KY. She continues to enjoy riding, integrated horsemanship, and caring for and collaborating with her equine partners Mirkos and Coco in Lexington. KY.

Her clients include the Qatar Foundation, Qatari Diar, HEC Paris Executive Leadership Development, Johnson & Johnson, University of Kentucky Healthcare, Large Technology Companies and Applebee’s Restaurants.

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May 12 2021


7:00 pm



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