Dec 16th at 7pm CT/8pm ET

The horses are calling you to connect them with the humans that need them to grow and learn in so many ways. You have a talent, a skill, or tool that helps humans grow and learn.  Adding Equine Assisted Learning with that talent, skill, or tool will bring breakthrough results to your clients.

Join our fireside chat to learn more and get acquainted with our collaborative community. We are a like minded herd that value the power of the horse in the personal and professional development world. 

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In the meantime, be making a list of your questions for our Master Trainer host. They are thrilled you are asking them. 

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About Fireside Chat Host - Kathy Milbeck, M.A.

Kathy co-founded Equinemity in 2006. After almost 20 years with her own horses, Kathy has seen and experienced countless times how these soulful and sensitive beings help people awaken heart-based moments of authenticity. She believes in creating a space that breathes confidence so individuals can see a future full of possibilities as well as the path that leads to fulfilling those dreams. Kathy received her certification in equine experiential educational and corporate coaching by Equine Experiential Association (E3A) in 2006. She is a Master Trainer and teaches equine assisted learning (EAL, while serving on the board of E3A as well. 
Kathy brings the instincts and experience of almost 40 years as a psychotherapist to the world of equine facilitated human development. After receiving her Masters in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame in 1980, she worked at the Special Children’s Clinic in Reno for a decade, and served as an assistant clinical professor at University of Nevada School of Medicine for 11 years. Kathy has maintained a successful private psychotherapy practice since 1982. 

We train, certify and support the best Equine Assisted Learning practitioners so they, in turn, can create powerful transformative experiences for their clients and create a positive change in the world.

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"The E3A certification process was life changing for our program as well as me personally. The hands-on practice and feedback from the skilled Master Trainers gave me the confidence I needed to move our programs forward and grow in my role as a facilitator." - Lisa Bowman

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