E3A – Equine Experiential Education


 July 21, 2021, at 6pm CT/7pm ET

Join our fireside chat to learn more and get acquainted with our collaborative community.

Equine Experiential Education

Fireside Chat

Equine Experiential Education AssociationThe horses are calling you to connect them with humans who need them in so many ways. You have a talent, a skill, or tool that helps humans grow and learn. Adding Equine Assisted Learning with your talent, skill, or tool will bring breakthrough results to your clients so that they may flourish in business and in life!

Join this month’s Fireside Chat to learn more about E3A, and get acquainted with our collaborative community. We are a like-minded herd that values the power of horses to provide transformation in the personal and professional development world.

So, what happens at our Fireside Chats? Glad you asked. Have you ever sat around a campfire with friends and just relaxed, tossed ideas around or just chatted? That’s what we do!

And we would love you to cozy up to the virtual fire and join us. If you’re looking at what beginning your own Equine Assisted Learning venture could hold in store for you and your horses, this is a great place to start.

Our monthly chats are hosted by one of our Master Trainers, who volunteer their time so that you can get acquainted, learn more about E3A and get answers to your questions.

This is your opportunity to get to know our community and explore the possibility of joining the herd! So, click the link below to reserve your spot and put on the hot chocolate. We look forward to seeing you!

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In the meantime, make a list of your questions for our Master Trainer host.

This month’s Chat is hosted by:


Ginny Telego

Ginny Telego is the President and Chief Facilitator of The Collaboration Partners, an organizational consulting business she founded in Ashland, Ohio. Ginny has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and is a Certified Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer with the Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A). She has management experience in several diverse environments and is passionate about helping people achieve their potential in whatever position or career they are in. Ginny has a vision to transform the way leaders lead and to help reduce conflict by understanding the strengths in diversity among groups.

As a professional facilitator, Ginny travels in the U.S. and Internationally to facilitate leadership and team development with organizations and trains other facilitators in the field of equine assisted learning. As part of her consulting work, Ginny directs the Leadership Ashland program, IMPACT Youth Council program and is a Workforce Development Instructor for North Central State College. Ginny is Past President of the E3A Board of Directors and has recently returned to the E3A Board to serve the organization. She was one of a group of 6 women to be the first female inductees to the Ashland Noon Lions Club in 2018.


Why Become An E3A Member?

Equine Experiential Education

We train, certify and support the best Equine Assisted Learning practitioners in the world so they can create powerful transformative experiences for their clients.

Our goal: to help you create positive change in the world.

Be A Part Of Positive Change

You are invited to join our herd!

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E3A – Equine Experiential Education

Member Testimonials

The success of any organization is reflected in the real-life results of its members.

On Community

“Finding E3A was just the thing I knew in my heart I was looking for. Their program resonates with my beliefs and I found their openness to finding what works best for each person and/or business refreshing while always putting the horses well being first.”
Leticia Weikel-Peterson

Owner, Oregon Horsemanship & Teamwork

On Implementation

“I have a practice in New York City, in New Jersey and Connecticut. It’s a corporate center. And I wanted to be able to have a conversation with corporations about the equine work.  I understood from my own background in corporate that outcomes were definitely needed. We had to show a way that we could measure how the horses were helping to benefit a corporation, either in their teams or in their strategic alignments or or whatever their goals are.”
Jody Jacob McVey

Managing Director, EquiSense Solutions

“What I loved most about the training was learning a proven method and hands-on training. Without both, I really don’t think you can be an effective facilitator or truly understand the beauty of the work.” 
Marissa Larson

Owner, ML Consulting, LLC

On E3A Certification 

“The E3A certification process was life changing for our program as well as me personally.  I had been doing this work for years with our horses but after the certification process the learning for our participants soared!  The certification process taught me how to facilitate discussion for our participants to identify their strengths as well as opportunities for transformation in their thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions.  The hands-on practice and feedback from the skilled Master Trainers gave me the confidence I needed to move our programs forward and grow in my role as a facilitator.” 

Lisa Bowman

Founder & President, Hope For Hearts Horse Farm

E3A – Equine Experiential Education

Ready to get started?

C1 Introduction to E3A cert

Introduction to Equine Experiential Education

Begin your journey into Equine Assisted Learning with this teleclass covering the differences between coaching, psychotherapy, training and teaching.

You Will Learn:

Introduction to Equine Experiential Education

  • Your role as facilitator.
  • How to create an environment for enriched learning.
  • Why horses are best suited to partner with humans in learning environments.
  • The 5 Question Model for facilitating equine activities.