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The success of any organization is reflected in the real-life results of its members.

The E3A family is comprised of professionals from all walks of life. Each one uses the skills and insight gained here to make a positive impact on their corner of the world.

We are pleased to share their experiences with E3A, in their own words.

Ginny Telego


On The Organization

I’ve been actively working in the field of Equine Assisted Learning for ten years and have experienced many different organizations facilitating this work. E3A’s certification program is the most rigorous, comprehensive, pragmatic, and useful program that I’ve found. It gave me the framework that I’d been searching for and the opportunity to practice and hone my facilitation skills. I learned a ton of new activities and left feeling fully supported by resources and people across the country. Plus, everyone that I’ve met through E3A is a lot of fun! I’ve finally found my people!

Jill Rivoli


On Conference ’19

“One of the things that I learned here at the conference that I’m incredibly excited about is the use of appreciative inquiry in equine assisted learning. The concept is that we focus on strengths, we focus on assets as opposed to focusing on what our deficits are or what our problems are that we’re trying to solve. And when we come from that approach, it really changes the dialogue. It changes everything.”
Carrie Brady

Owner, Possibilities Farm

On Training

“I recently completed the E3A certification training and found it incredibly valuable. The depth of content is impressive and directly relevant to EAL practitioners. The instructor team was top-notch and demonstrated, by example, excellence inteaching,coaching,andfacilitation. I highly recommend this certification program for anyone serious about delivering world-class services.”

Shari Goodwin

CEO/Strategist, Strategies for Success

On E3A Certification

“I definitely recommend the C2/C3 course for anyone interested in learning how to do equine assisted facilitation.  The agenda was a great balance of classroom learning and hands-on experience with the horses. The curriculum had a comprehensive process overview and several tools to take into practice.” 

Nora Kenney

Lead Facilitator, Courses With Horses

On Implementation

“I have a practice in New York City, in New Jersey and Connecticut. It’s a corporate center. And I wanted to be able to have a conversation with corporations about the equine work.  I understood from my own background in corporate that outcomes were definitely needed. We had to show a way that we could measure how the horses were helping to benefit a corporation, either in their teams or in their strategic alignments or or whatever their goals are.”
Jody Jacob McVey

Managing Director, EquiSense Solutions

On Outcomes

“So for me, E3A and the training that they provide enables me as a facilitator to take my work to a deeper level with the clients, take them down to the beliefs that they have and the things that really need to change within their organization to make a real difference so that they walk away with clear actions and changes that are required to create deep change within their organization rather than just a really nice day out with the horses.”


Owner, Pyramid Horsemanship

On E3A Certification 

“The E3A certification process was life changing for our program as well as me personally.  I had been doing this work for years with our horses but after the certification process the learning for our participants soared!  The certification process taught me how to facilitate discussion for our participants to identify their strengths as well as opportunities for transformation in their thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions.  The hands-on practice and feedback from the skilled Master Trainers gave me the confidence I needed to move our programs forward and grow in my role as a facilitator.” 

Lisa Bowman

Founder & President, Hope For Hearts Horse Farm

“What I loved most about the training was learning a proven method and hands-on training. Without both, I really don’t think you can be an effective facilitator or truly understand the beauty of the work.” 
Marissa Larson

Owner, ML Consulting, LLC

On Certification

“E3A gave me a huge confidence boost in partnering horses with Corporate groups.  The detailed facilitation training, horse activities, and templates were fantastic.  Nothing was left uncovered.  When I finished my certification, I knew the rest was up to me.”
Janis Cooper

Owner, EQnimity

On Conference ’19

“I’ve already learned so much and I just feel really inspired by all the other people here. It’s a very supportive group and everyone just makes their own twist of the work that we do. I think that’s really, really valuable. At this point in my life. I feel like I’m at a crossroads and I already have so many new ideas and feel much more empowered and certain about which way I want to go. And so, it’s just been a great experience.”

Owner, Pyramid Horsemanship

On The Organization

“I’ve searched for a program like this all over the world, really. And I was right in my gut feel that this would be really appropriate for people who were trying to develop their skills in the business world and especially in the corporate sector. This is a robust program that teaches you very deeply how to facilitate in the best possible way.”

Rosie Tomkins

Founder, N-Stinctive, UK

On C2 Training

“When I began researching programs for my Equine Assisted Learning certification, I decided to work with E3A….and I am so happy I did.  This program has completely exceeded all of my expectations.  The curriculum is very comprehensive and has taught me all the skills I need to create a program at my facility. E3A starts with the foundations of the equine-human co-facilitation foundations and builds to ensure success in my programs.  And the tools are phenomenal, from program design to marketing – all the way through to learning to determine the appropriate exercises for each desired outcome. The best part of the program, by far, is the facilitators. They are incredible! I felt they were invested in me and genuinely dedicated to my success. I know I have a team behind me ensuring my success.”  

Maureen Moons

Founder, Courses With Horses

On Purpose

“E3A training has empowered me to be able to combine two things I love most, helping others and horses. Together I am able to help others discover themselves through the amazing gift of insight horses provide. Through horses, we are able to see our most true, authentic selves.”

Leticia Weikel-Peterson

Owner, Oregon Horsemanship & Teamwork

What E3A has done for me is allowed me to make a lot of connections with people who have horses and partner with them in different ways to help benefit individuals, teams and organizations. In my practice, that’s allowed me to look at different ways that I can integrate appreciative inquiry into my partnership with horses to even expand that further. One of my goals for using E3A is to help students learn more from their experiences with horses through the use of appreciative inquiry, and to help them become more successful with whatever path they choose to go in college.”
William Hancy

Director Of Operations, David Cooperrider Center For Appreciative Studies, Champlain College

On Conference ’19

“I’ve learned so much already in the first two days of the conference. Learning from industry veterans who have been doing this for many, many years. Sharing best practices with fellow facilitators from all around the globe and also networking and staying connected and getting reconnected to why I love this work so much. I believe so much in this work and helping making workplaces work better.”

Amy Hill

Director, Teams In Balance

On The Conference

“What I learned was that there are so many more like minded people in the world who are interested in bringing the horse human connection together to provide a space that brings people closer to the all of their possibilities.”

Kathy Milbeck

Co-Founder, Equinemity

Ginny Telego


Ginny Telego



Ginny Telego


Ginny Telego