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E3A partners with horses to support you in creating extraordinary transformational experiences for your clients.
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Ginny Telego

Starr McAlexander

“Finding E3A was just the thing I knew in my heart I was looking for. Their program resonates with my beliefs and I found their openness to finding what works best for each person and/or business refreshing while always putting the horses well being first.”
Leticia Weikel-Peterson

Owner, Oregon Horsemanship & Teamwork

“What E3A has done for me is allowed me to make a lot of connections with people who have horses and use them in different ways to help benefit both individuals and teams and  organizations. In my practice, that’s allowed me to look at different ways that I can integrate appreciative inquiry into the use of horses to even expand that further. One of my goals for using E3A is to help students learn more through the use of horses and the use of appreciative inquiry to help them become more successful with whatever path they choose to go in college.”
William Hancy

Director Of Operations, David Cooperrider Center For Appreciative Studies, Champlain College

“What I loved most about the training was learning a proven method and hands-on training. Without both, I really don’t think you can be an effective facilitator or truly understand the beauty of the work.” 
Marissa Larson

Owner, ML Consulting, LLC

“E3A gave me a huge confidence boost in partnering horses with Corporate groups.  The detailed facilitation training, horse activities, and templates were fantastic.  Nothing was left uncovered.  When I finished my certification, I knew the rest was up to me.”
Janis Cooper

Owner, EQnimity

“I’ve been using the E3A model for about four years. I came to E3A by raffle –  I won a membership! – and I was really excited about it. I decided to pursue it because of what I understood about E3A, which is that it was an outcomes-focused model. And I felt like the outcomes were missing in some of the other work that I had been doing.”

Jody Jacob McVey

Managing Director, EquiSense Solutions

E3A – Setting The Standard In


Delivering transformational experiences and doing it consistently, requires talent, skill and training, plus professional insights shared by those who share your calling. E3A supports its members with continuing education and opportunities for collaboration.


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Join our fireside chat to learn more about E3A and get acquainted with our collaborative community. We are a like-minded herd that values the power of the horse in the personal and professional development world.

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