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The Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) is an  international professional membership organization that builds, delivers, and supports excellence in the field of Equine Assisted Learning. Our training and certification are specific to practitioners interested in building their professional facilitation skills in the    coaching, leadership, corporate and personal development fields. 

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 What's New in 2020:

Monthly Member Networking Meetings have returned!

Live Lunch and Learn format with fellow members & hosted by E3A members with guest appearances by experts from the field of EAL.

FREE to all members. Must register to attend.



  • E3A’s facilitation model is based on adult experiential learning and facilitation theories and methods (Kolb, Pfeiffer- Jones)
  • E3A focuses on the effective facilitation of Equine Assisted Learning development programs that cater to corporate, coaching, leadership, team building, Personal Development and Wellness, and educational clientele, as distinguished from therapeutic models (EAP, EAAT etc.) (Click for PDF)
  • Our arena certification trainings have a maximum of 12 – 14 participants to provide plenty of facilitation practice time and individualized coaching and feedback specific to your program focus
  • Our graduate level curriculum and professional workshop templates give you the confidence and support to facilitate your own EAL programming
  • We are a network of open-minded practitioners and professionals who have a passion for the field of Equine Assisted Learning and for the physical safety and emotional well-being of both horses and humans
  • E3A does not align itself with any specific horsemanship philosophy or methodology within our training program.

To find out for yourself we encourage you to sign up for our C1 – Introduction to Equine Experiential Education Facilitation Method - just $75 as a member. 


C2 & C3 in Kenwood, CA:       POSTPONED

C2 & C3 in Grand Junction, CO:  August 23-29

C2 & C3 in Louisville, OH:         October 11-17

CLIFTONSTRENGTHS in Reno, NV: September 19-20

Personal Development & Wellness in Anna, TX:            October 9-11

See the events page for more details and registration.

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Educational Webinars

To learn how you can join the growing field of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), watch our recent webinar, “Opening the Gate to the Field of Equine Experiential Education (E3)."

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