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Enhancing Your Facilitation Skills to
Deliver Client Results

The E3A Training Difference

At E3A our focus is on delivering the competencies in facilitation that allow you to create an effective equine experiential learning program that will achieve the learning objectives of your clients. Certification training is offered in small groups with a maximum of 14 people in order to provide one-on-one mentoring while delivering extensive experience facilitating E3A activities.

The foundation of E3A's curriculum is built upon solid theoretical underpinnings in experiential adult learning theory and facilitation models. Our curriculum consists of high-quality instruction, program templates, and a step by step guide for creating successful equine assisted learning workshops, from planning, quoting, design and development, to delivering and client followup.

The Philosophical Foundations of E3A Certification Process

E3A offers two levels of certification training based on E3A's Training Process Level I as a Certified Practitioner, and Level II as an Advanced Certified Practitioner. Training focuses on the following areas:

1. The Horse/Human Connection
Effective partnering with horses, as a co-facilitator, is the foundation of our certifications, where we focus the client on learning opportunities through planned horse activities. 
Training includes:

  • Leveraging horse behavior, Herd Dynamics and the Prey-Predator Paradigm, for human learning
  • Choosing appropriate horse activities to address specific client issues and goals
  • Developing the ability to experience, observe and record the Horse/Human Connection to be utilized in developing powerful themes and questions to focus the debriefing experience.

2) Client Context, Culture & How Change Occurs
Our training helps to support you in delivering an optimal learning experience. As a facilitator you'll learn:

  • How to understand the context within which the client operates (Corporate/Business; Education; Personal Development and Wellbeing)
  • Knowledge about how change and transformation occurs in individuals and groups
  • Tools to uncover the beliefs, habits, thoughts and values that define an individual's or organization's culture through customized horse activities and debriefing
  • Ability to remain "open to outcome"

3) The E3A Facilitation Method
Through a proven method, you'll be taught how to facilitate your clients experiences through the use of the Five-Question Facilitative Coaching Model

  • Identify/Record Cause and Effect (issues and actions) during the debrief that will cause integration and transformation to occur for the client
  • Create report documenting actions steps that move the client forward

Level I E3A Certified Practitioner

Level II E3A Certified Advanced Practitioner

For pricing and registration for E3A Certification, go to our Events Calendar and click on the training you are interested in attending.

"I recently completed the E3A certification training and found it incredibly valuable. The depth of content is impressive and directly relevant to EAL practitioners. The instructor team was top-notch and demonstrated by example in excellence in teaching, coaching, and facilitation. I highly recommend this certification program for anyone serious about delivering world-class services."
- Shari Goodwin, CEO/Strategist, Jaeger2, Strategies for Success

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