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Maybe you’ve heard about our work. Maybe you’re new to the whole concept of training people with horses and are wondering, “What is Equine Experiential Education all about?” Whatever your reason for stopping by today, we’re glad you are here.

Start Here – The Terminology

E3A sets the standard in providing training in all aspects of equine assisted learning. In fact, we are the fastest growing equine assisted learning organization in the world. One of your first stops in learning about the exciting benefits of E3A is our new Equine Experiential Education Terminology. This first Industry Standard Guide should provide you with the bedrock concepts of this work and make you familiar with the terminology used.

Who We Serve

The individuals and teams we train come from many backgrounds and varied business and education models. We provide training to:

  • Business and Personal Coaches who want to bring a new and effective experience to their client base.
  • Mental Health Professionals who are looking for a new modality for their patients
  • Educators who want to provide a meaningful experience for their students College Students exploring a career in E3A

Equine Experiential Education is an expansive field, providing life-changing benefits to all who participate in this work. Longtime practitioners of E3A will tell you that they themselves benefit from every client session. Horses have so much to teach us humans!

Questions. Check Out Our FAQ

At E3A we love questions! We are aware that everyone who comes to us has questions about this work. We hear them every day! Our goal is to provide you with the answers you are searching for in a friendly, timely manner. Start with our FAQ page, where we cover some of the most commonly asked questions. Then, feel free to CONTACT US for even more information.

E3A Internships: Training the Next Generation

As with any emerging field of work, educating the next generation on the benefits of Equine Experiential Education is a core focus of our organization. E3A is investigating ways to apply a new education program specifically addressing the needs of college students who would like to explore this modality as a career path.

E3A – Equine Experiential Education

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