E3A – Equine Experiential Education

Board of Directors

Joe McAlexander, President

Joe McAlexander Equine Experiential Education Association

Website: ssyea.org

Joe McAlexander


Mr. McAlexander is E3A Certified as an Advanced Level II Practitioner with a specialty in Personal Development. He is the CEO/Director of Spirit Song Youth Equestrian Academy, located in Anna, Texas, an organization he co-founded that designs and implements equine-assisted programs and coaches life skills development of at-risk youth, families, and organizations.

Mr. McAlexander started his professional career with a BS in Electrical Engineering from NC State University and then served on active duty as a Captain with the US Army Air Defense Command and Air Defense Signal Battalion. He is President and Founder of McAlexander Sound, Inc., Richardson, TX, and the Managing Director and Founder of McAlexander Sound Pte Ltd, Singapore, both technology consulting companies focused on innovation and monetization. Mr. McAlexander has served as a consultant for many of the top tech and communications companies in the United States. He is a Registered Professional Engineer and a recognized technical expert in patents, trade secrets, contracts, and other intellectual property matters.

In addition to serving as a partner and director of several other companies, he serves as a technical advisor in secure communications platforms to Vertical Computer Systems, Inc., and its subsidiary Ploinks, Inc., for which he is a member of the Technical Advisory Board.